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7579 «b»Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA) - March 17, 2002
Deceased Name: POLANSKY: Norman Alburt Polansky
«/b»Norman Alburt Polansky, Regents Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia School of Social Work and pioneer in social work research, died March 15 in his home in Athens at the age of 83. Author of numerous books and more than 100 professional articles and monographs focusing on social work research and practice as well as issues fo social isolation and child neglect, he is best known for Ego Psychology and Communication and Social Work Research. Polansky earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard where he was Phi Beta Kappa and 1938 light middleweight boxing champion, his master's degree in social work from Case Western Reserve, and a doctorate in social psychology from the University of Michigan. He taught at Case Western Reserve, Smith College, and the University of Pennsylvania before joining the University of Georgia faculty. Ater serving in the U.S. Army during WWII, he was social psychologist at Austin-Riggs Center in Massachusetts and head of psychology at Highland Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina. He found pleasure in music, enjoying serveral years as first violinist in the Athens Symphony. A long-time treasurer of the Classic City Kennel Club, Polansky shared his wife's interest in owning and showing dogs. He was a member of the Congregation Children of Israel in Athens. A Life Fellow of the American Orthospsychiatric Association and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, he received the Special Service Award from the Georgia Council on Child Abuse, the Vincent de Francis Award for the American Humane Association, the Frankie V. Adams Award for lifetime service to people and the profession of social work from the Georgia Chapter of the National Association of Social Work, the Distinguished Pratitioner Award from the National Academies of Practice, and the Creative Research Medal from the University of Georgia. Polansky was born in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, to Joseph J. and Celia Polansky. He is survived by his wife, Nancy Finley Polansky of Athens; a daughter, Vaughn Polansky Harrison, a son, Jonathan Polansky, and a daughter-in-law, Laura Smith Polansky of California; a sister, Adele Polansky of Athens; four grandchildren, Benjamin and Nicholas Polansky and John and Marisa Harrison of California; and many friends. In lieu of flowers, the family requests contribuitons be sent to the University of Georgia Foundation for the School of Social Work. Bernstein Funeral Home in charge of arrangements 
Polansky, Norman Alburt (I122039)
7580 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I106007)
7581 «b»Buffalo Courier Express, Sunday, April 16, 1950 -
NABER\emdash Bertha Eley Naber, in Cleveland, Ohio, April 14, 1950.
Wife of the late George Naber; mother of Albert B. Eley, Mrs.
lone Snyder, Mrs. Josephine E. Loersch and Mrs. Maude
E. Miler; sister of George Fleig of Germany. Friends may
call at the George Meyer Funeral Home, 471 Main St., East
Aurora, N. Y.. where funeral will be held Tuesday at 9 a.m.
and from the Immaculate Conception Church at 9:80 o'clock.«/b» 
Fleig, Bertha Louise (I13943)
7582 «b»Captain Johnston Randolph Hilford«/b», was born in Farrandugu, Siera Leon, Africa, where his parents Marion Randolph & Grace Margaret Hilford were missionaries, on October 3, 1912. He had a satisfying, fulfilling life in the merchant marine from age 16 until his retirement at age 69. He died on December 26, 2004. He will join his parents, sister Grace, and friends and relatives in the home God has prepared for us. Surviving are his brother, James Alfred Hilford, sister, Mary H. Arnett, son, John Hilford, daughters, Rose Longshore and Stephany Danielson, 2 adopted daughters, Sonjia Ames and Evelyn Hilford, 6 grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren. His witness has been to God's protection in the hazards and temptations of his career and God's presence with him throughout his life. A memorial service will be held at Calvin Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 4115 E. Acoma Dr., on January 15th at 11:00 A.M. Contributions may be made to Oxfam Asia Earthquake Fund, PO Box 1121, Albert Lea, MN 56007-1211.
Published in The Arizona Republic on 1/12/2005. 
Hilford, Johnston Randolph (I122016)
7583 «b»Catalog: «/b»Monterrey Metropolitan City (second epoch) «b»Section: «/b»Indigenous Series: Buying and selling «b»Title: «/b»Sale of female Mulatto «b»Place: «/b»Monterrey «b»Date: «/b»Jan 14,1705 «b»Pages: «/b»2 «b»Volume: «/b»8, «b»File: «/b»1, Page: 160 NO 73, «b»Notes: «/b»
«b»Document: «/b»
Capitan Antonio Leal, citizen of the town of San Juan de Cadereyta, sells to Bachiller Lorenzo Perez de Leon, Priest Clergyman, domiciliary of the bishopric of Guadalajara and priest, vicar and ecclesiastical judge of Valle del Pilon, and his parish, a female «b»Mulatto «/b»named Lucia, "with two male children, with another on the way"; of 35 years, more or less, "of honey color, with eyes somewhat deep, with smooth hair, of good stature", and the children of 5 years, more or less. This «b»slave «/b»is what remained from the assets of Josefa Gonzalez, mother of the salesman and grandmother of the bachiller, "in whose house was born, Maria, female «b»Mulatto slave«/b»". He sells them "as «b»slaves«/b», captives, subjects to servitude", as executor for Josefa Gonzalez. Sold for 570 pesos. Appears before Capitan Juan Esteban de Ballesteros, Alcalde Ordinario. Witnesses were: Capitan Miguel Leal de Leon, Antonio Leal and Jose Leal. In attendance were: Nicolas Ochoa de Elejalde and Miguel Rodriguez de Montemayor. 
Leal, Antonio (I131480)
7584 «b»Catalog: «/b»Monterrey Metropolitan City (second epoch) «b»Section: «/b»Wills and Estates Series: Wills «b»Title: «/b»Will of Doña Francisca Javiera de Elizondo «b»Place: «/b»Estancia de San Nicolas «b»Date: «/b»Feb 17,1785 «b»Pages: «/b»3 «b»Volume: «/b»19, «b»File: «/b»1, Page: 261 NO 131, «b»Notes: «/b»(The annotations follow the first should only have been conducted the others escaped from Monterrey, Cadereyta, Valle del Pilon Linares and from here Labradores).
«b»Document: «/b»
Testament of Doña Francisca Javiera de Elizondo, citizen of Monterrey, and resident at Estancia de San Nicolas; legitimate daughter of Bartolome de Elizondo and Doña Javiera Gonzalez, both deceased. She arranges to be buried in the city parish. She declares to have been married and veiled with Don Faustino Lozano. Children: Juan Jose, Maria Gertrudis, Maria Teresa and Ignacia Lozano. Assets: She brought to the marriage 14 hours of water rights with her corresponding land, at the farm of San Juan Bautista, of Valle de las Salinas. She also declares as her assets, the part of land that she inherited from her parents in the summer pasture of La Popa, jurisdiction.

of that one Valle and "another small part of land Hacienda de San Francisco del Potrero, in the same jurisdiction. She also has a part of summer pasture at Hacienda de Santa Teresa de las Higueras. She declares that she also took to the marriage 50 goats, 25 lambs, a broiler, estimated at 24 pesos and 30 pesos that was court awarded to her for a «b»Mulatto slave«/b», named Francisca. "which by having it on the property for our service, contributed to my husband thirty pesos more". She also declares as assets her three «b»slave «/b»specimens, named Jose Cayetano, Maria Juana and Maria Candida; children of Francisca, who married "with our blessing" Miguel Flores. Also hers a harness mule and a broken ox. She arranges that the water and territories of San Juan Bautista are rented for three pesos per year, so that three masses are said annually for the souls of herself and her husband. She declares that their children already are married; Juan Jose, to Doña Maria Benedicta Martinez; Maria Gertrudis, " already deceased", to Jose Maria Gonzalez, "who left offspring"; Maria Teresa to Jose Lorenzo de la Garza y Guerra; and Maria Ignacia to Eugene de Abrego… Executors: her husband and in second and third places to Juan Jose Lozano, their son and to Jose Lorenzo, her son-in-law. Appears before Francisco Bruno Barerra, Alcalde Ordinario de segundo voto. Witnesses were: Jose Antonio Gongora, Juan Jose Cantu and Jose Antonio de la Garza. In attendance were: Pedro Manuel de Llano and Jose Alejandro Gonzalez. 
Elizondo, Francisca Javiera (I128777)
7585 «b»Catalog: «/b»Monterrey Metropolitan City (second epoch) «b»Section: «/b»Wills and Estates Series: Wills «b»Title: «/b»Will of Francisco Garza Quintanilla «b»Place: «/b»Monterrey «b»Date: «/b»Dec 23,1793 «b»Pages: «/b»6 «b»Volume: «/b»22, «b»File: «/b»1, Page: 108 NO 69, «b»Notes: «/b»
«b»Document: «/b»
Testament of Francisco Garza Quintanilla, citizen of this city, of Mezquital place; legitimate son of Isidro de la Garza and Doña Maria Agustina de Quintanilla. He arranges to be buried in this city parish. He declares that he was married to Doña Maria Josefa de Elizondo, legitimate daughter of
Page 220
Tomas de Elizondo and Maria Ignacia de la Garza. Children: Jose Antonio, Juan Jose, Maria Francisca, Maria Juana, Jose Francisco, Maria Catarina and Maria Josefa. Dowry: He declares that his wife brought to the marriage 65 pesos 6 reales and he had more, but has "judged it to be the same". He expresses recognition that the wealth of both, amounted to 5,000 pesos; for which he states that the maternal inheritance of their children is 2,500 pesos. Second marriage: he declares to have remarried to Doña Ana Josefa Martinez, legitimate daughter of Rudecindo Martinez and Maria Gertrudis Montemayor, with whom he has procreated Jose Cornelio and Juan Francisco Bartolome. Dowries: He declares that his second wife brought to the marriage 130 pesos and that he gave her a dowry of 500, which he commands is applied to the house that he has in the city. He declares that when he married his daughter Doña Maria Juana to Jose Adriano de la Garza, he gave as dowry 405 pesos and 4 1/2 reales to her; to his son Juan Jose, when marrying with Maria Tomasa Martinez, he gave 344 pesos 3 1/2 reales; to Jose Antonio; when he married to Juana Maria de Villarreal, he gave 357 pesos and 5 reales; to his daughter Maria Francisca, when marrying with Bartolome de la Serna, he gave 335 pesos and 1 real. Creditors: He declares that he has given for income the following amounts: To his son-in-law Bartolome de la Serna, 800 pesos; to Jose Cayetano Treviño, 200 pesos; to Bachiller Juan Francisco Montemayor, 200 pesos; to Jose Cayetano Treviño 100 pesos and to Francisco Chapa, 25 pesos. Rented livestock: to Tomas Martinez Montemayor 100 goats, for 8 stud goats, yearlings; to Rudecindo Martinez, 70 ewes, for 5 yearling lambs; to Jose Eustaquio Martinez, 50 ewes, for 8 % annually; to Adriano de la Garza, 150 goats and ewes; to Jose Miguel de la Garza, 150 goats; to Alejandro de la Garza, 50 goats; to Cipriano Guajardo, 200 goats; to Mariano de Islas, 25 ewes; to Jose Antonio Zambrano, 170 goats and ewes; to Manuel Padilla Angel, 200 goats; to Jose Leal Lorenzo, 100 ewes; to Jose Antonio Gonzalez, 100 ewes; to Francisco Javier Villarreal, 200 goats; to Juan Jose de la Garza, citizen of San Jose 400 goats; to Jose Antonio de la Garza, his son 100 ewes. To Juan Jose de la Garza, 100 goats and 20 ewes; to Jose Luis de la Garza, citizen of Pesqueria Grande, 100 goats and 20 ewes and to Pedro Jose de la Garza from Mezquital 26 ewes. Assets: 200 head of cattle, 10 yokes of oxen, 3 of these harness oxen; 15 riding horses; a female and a male riding mules; 2 herds of mares, 4 kettles; "three small farms", a cane plantation; a house in Mezquital; a house in Monterrey of 5 rooms and kitchen, surrounded by ashlar masonry; his land in Mezquital, by inheritance and purchases; 4 hours of water at Hacienda de San Francisco, bought from Maria Rosalia de Elizondo; a «b»slave «/b»named Maria Rafaela. He has 3 hours of water from Maria Josefa Cavazos, wife of Jose Miguel Treviño, pawned for 23 pesos. He leaves a kettle and 200 goats so that from their rent eight masses are prayed for him. Executors: his wife, and Juan Jose and Jose Antonio, his children. Appears before Bernardo Ussel y Guimbarda, Alcalde Ordinario de primer voto. Witnesses were: Manuel de Sada, Domingo Aldasoro, Pedro de Llano, Vicente Garcia and Francisco Bruno Barrera. In attendance were: Pedro de Alcantara Guerra and Jose Froilan de Mier Noriega. 
Martinez, Ana Josefa (I128571)
7586 «b»DEEDS \endash WILLS \endash ADMINISTRATIONS OF
THOMAS WILLIAMS, both of Jeff. Co. Ala. $50. 80 acres being the W ½ of the NE ¼
of sec. 12, Tp. 17, R. 6W. Wit: Henry Tate & Calvin Waldrop. Dated July 13, 1835.
Signature of Hannah(x) Williams to the foregoing deed proved by Calvin Waldrop
before B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct. July 30, 1836. Filed July 30, recorded Aug. 19, 1836.
B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct.

SAMUEL (X) LEE to Thomas Williams, both of Jeff. Co. Ala. $100. 40.37 ½
acres being the NW ¼ of SE ¼, Sec 12, TP 17, R 6W. Wit. Paul Castleberry & Calvin
Waldrop. Dated Jan. 18, 1838. Signatures of Samuel Lee, proved by Calvin Waldrop
before B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct. Apr. 16, 1838. Filed Apr. 16, recorded June 6, 1838, B.E.
Grace, Clk. Co. Ct.

J.H. MCELROY, to Moses Prescoat, both of Jeff. Co. Ala. 40 acres being the Sw ¼ of
the SE ¼ Sec. 8, Tp 17 R. 6W. Wit. Calvin Waldrop. Thomas (X) Glaze, Dated March
15, 1839. Ack. before H. Morrow, Jr. Clerk of the Circuit Ct. July 8, 1839. Filed July 8,
recorded July 23, 1839. B.E. Grace, Clk. of Co. Ct.

LINDLEY ADAMS, to Calvin Waldrop, both of Jeff. Co. Ala. Premises: (1) 4 head of
cattle & 1 wooden clock, (2) 19 head of hogs, (3) 1 sorrel mare. Whereas, Adams is
indebted to Waldrop in the sum of $180.00 as evidenced by 3 notes in the sum of $60.00
each, and Adams being willing to secure the payment of said debts, executes this
Mortgage. The conditions of which are such that the property in this conveyance apply in
3 parts, or divisions indicated (1) (2) and (3) each unit being independent of the other and
by the terms of this indenture made to so apply- Dated Jan. 23-1841- Ack. before J.H.
McElroy, J.P. Jan. 23-1841- Filed Feb. 20- recorded Mar-1-1841- B.E. Grace, Clk. C.C

WARRANTY DEED Page 594-595
NANCY (X) WALDROP, Preston Waldrop, Thomas Williams, and his wife Eleanor (X)
Fielding Waldrop, and Lucretia (X) his wife, Calvin (X) Waldrop, and wife Nancy (X),
Lindley (X) Adams and wife Eliza (X), to Robert H. Waldrop, all of Jeff- Co- Ala. $225.
80 Acres, being the SE¼ of the SW¼ of Sec. 13, Tp. 17, R. 6 W. Dated March 26, 1843-
Joint Ack. before J. H. McElroy, Justice of Peace March 26- 1844. Filed July 10-
recorded Sept. 24, 1844- J. Bagley, Clk. Co. Crt.

Hueytown, Alabama
From a country settlement to a city in one hundred thirty-five years
Written by Simon J. Smith
(Published in the Bessemer Advertiser Vol. 74 \endash Nbr 11)
Hueytown Historical Society Page 1 of 5
In 1825 Abner McGee entered a tract of land in what is known today as Hueytown. Eleven years later
Octavus Spencer entered another tract in the same community. In 1833 Mortimer Jordan purchased thousands of
acres from these gentlemen in this community. This estate was sold at auction and otherwise to other people from
1842 to 1866 when the big auction was held.
John Crooks, Sam and Jesse Huey, twins, and Calvin Waldrop had settled in the lower part of the country
near what later became known as Toadvine. Calvin Waldrop's father, Joe, entered land in Toadvine country in
1823. The Hueys obtained land on Valley Creek near the Rock Creek settlement. 
Waldrop, Calvin (I20393)
7587 «b»Elmira New York
«/b»THE TELEGRAM, JULY 15, 1917.
Mrs. Florence P. Colony, widow of;
Albert Colony, died yesterday .morning;
at t h e family home, 403 West First;
street. Mr. Colony died April 11th at;
the same address. She is survived by
two brothers, both of Blossburg; Pa.
The funeral of Mrs. Colony will be
held at '2 o'clock Monday afternoon at
Woodlawn chapel. The Rev. Mr.
Abrams will officiate. Burial in Wood-
Putnam, Florence (I97557)
7588 «b»Jewell M. Waldrip: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice
Sun, The (Yuma, AZ) - December 15, 2005
Deceased Name: Jewell M. Waldrip
«/b»Jewell M. Waldrip passed away on Tuesday, December 13, 2005 at LifeCare Center of Yuma where she had resided for the past seven years. She was born in Brock, Texas on January 24, 1911. In 1930 Jewell married Clyde Waldrip in Weatherford, Texas.
She was a licensed cosmetologist and was also employed by Uptown Drug, a downtown drug store, for 28 years.
Jewell was a loving and caring person who enjoyed being with people, especially children who held a special place in her heart. She spent her spare time cooking and gardening.
The family would like to thank the nurses and staff of LifeCare Center of Yuma, especially Dr. Clarence Clark. Jewell enjoyed them all and especially looked forward to the recreation program and activities provided.
Jewell is survived by her sister, Betty Jo Watson, of Yuma; and sister-in-law, Juanita White, of Yuma. She also leaves behind numerous nieces and nephews.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Clyde T. Waldrip who passed away on October 1, 1989; father and mother, Jessie and Ollie White; and brothers, L.W. White, Howard White, and Thomas White.
A memorial service will be at Johnson Mortuary on Friday, December 16, 2005 at 2:30 p.m. A private burial will be held.
Donations may be made to Hospice of Yuma or a favorite charity.
Copyright (c) 2005 The Sun, Freedom Communications. All rights reserved. 
White, Jewell May (I123496)
7589 «b»OBIT - WALDRIP, Olen Ernest: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice
Roanoke Times, The (VA) - September 16, 2010
Deceased Name: OBIT - WALDRIP, Olen Ernest
«/b»Olen Ernest Waldrip, 98, of Roanoke, Va., passed away on Friday, September 10, 2010, in Roanoke, Va. He was born on April 2, 1912, in Belton, Texas, to Silas Abner and Mazie Johnson Waldrip. He was preceded in death by his wife, Louise Baker Waldrip; and his son, John Waldrip. He is survived by his daughter, Anne Waldrip Davis; daughter-in-law, Roxanne Brignac Waldrip; one granddaughter, Katherine Waldrip; four grandsons, Scott B. Davis, Paul W. Davis, Brian D. Waldrip and Derek C. Waldrip; two granddaughters-in-law, Jennifer Davis and Maureen Waldrip; and four great-grandchildren, Kyle Davis, Brody Davis, Caitlin Strickland and Mary Elise Waldrip. At the age of 20, Mr. Waldrip surrendered to the ministry and preached his first sermon. He married Louise Baker in 1935 and was married to her for 72 years. He served as Chaplain in the United States Army during World War II in the South Pacific. He attended Mary Hardin-Baylor College, graduated from Baylor University and graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as pastor of many Baptist churches in Texas before retiring at age 65 and moving to Virginia. He then served as Pastor of Troutville Baptist Church. He is known as "Mountain Man" for his weekly climb to McAfee Knob until age 91. He notched over 300 climbs on his walking stick. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and was very active in the Lions Club. Memorial Services will be held 2 p.m. Saturday, September 18, 2010, at Mill Creek Baptist Church, Fincastle, Va., 
Waldrip, Olen Ernest (I123476)
7590 «b»Raymond Earl Waldrip: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX) - December 4, 2010
Deceased Name: Raymond Earl Waldrip
«/b»BOYD - Raymond Earl Waldrip, 59, an employee of the Federal Bureau of Engraving, passed away Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010, in Boyd.
Funeral: 10 a.m. Monday at Christian-Hawkins Funeral Home. Interment: 3 p.m. Monday in Myrtle Springs Cemetery in LaRue. Visitation: 4 to 6 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.
Survivors: Wife of 35 years, Anita Waldrip of Boyd; sons, Shawn Waldrip of Boyd and Dee Waldrip of Boyd; grandchildren, Marlene, Ethan and Allie Waldrip; brother, J.T. Thompson and wife, Joyce, of Boyd; and sisters, Shirley Smith of Argyle and Helen Ledoux and husband, Danny, of Sulphur, La.
Christian-Hawkins Funeral Home
Boyd, 940-433-5310
View and sign guestbook at
Edition: Main
Page: B08,09
Copyright (c) 2010 Fort Worth Star-Telegram 
Waldrip, Raymond Earl (I6379)
7591 «b»Sherman Taylor Waldrip: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice
Herald and News (Klamath Falls, OR) - May 8, 2009
Deceased Name: Sherman Taylor Waldrip
«/b»Sherman "Sherm" Taylor Waldrip, 87, passed away Friday, May 1, 2009, with his loving wife by his side at their home in Sun City West, Ariz.
Rev. Duane Bodtker will conduct a Celebration of Life Service on Saturday, May 9 at 11 a.m. in O'Hair & Riggs Funeral Chapel, 515 Pine Street, Klamath Falls. The committal with military honors will follow at Eternal Hills Haven of Rest Mausoleum. Visitation will be held today from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
One of the sons of Minola (Taylor) and Charles Waldrip, Sherm was born Nov. 19, 1921, in Tulelake, Calif. He was raised in the Klamath Basin and attended schools in Merrill, Malin and Tulelake. Following graduation from Tulelake High School, he enrolled at Stanford University. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering in 1942.
During World War II, Sherm joined the Army and served in the Rhineland in Central Europe. He received numerous medals and two Bronze Stars. After his discharge in 1945, he met Marjorie McCollum on a blind date. The couple married on Nov. 16, 1946, in the First Presbyterian Church in Klamath Falls.
They made their home in Merrill, and Sherm went into partnership with his brothers Bill and Tom. The Waldrip Brothers raised grain on their Klamath Basin land, and later Bill and Tom diversified the partnership to include citrus fruits they grew in Yuma, Ariz. As a buyer and seller of grain, Sherm also operated several grain elevators in the Klamath Basin.
Sherm had a strong work ethic which enabled him to become a wellrespected and successful farmer. He was a perfectionist who loved working, and his opinion was highly valued by many.
He was active in the Klamath Hills Irrigation Project, was outspoken during the water crisis of 2001, and in the late 1940s and in the mid 1950s he was active in the VFW and the American Legion.
Two years ago, the couple moved to Arizona to be closer to family, and made their home in Sun City West.
In addition to his wife of 62 years, Sherm is survived by his son Dr. Robert Waldrip and his wife Pat of Sun City West, Ariz.; daughter and son-in-law Laura and Chris Hopkin also of Sun City West; grandchildren Dustin Hopkin, Jim Waldrip, and Holly Hopkin; brothers and sisters-in-law William and Anna Waldrip, Thomas and Shirley Waldrip, and John Waldrip; sister and brother-in-law Judy and Glen Fort and numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.
Sherm was preceded in death by his son and daughter-in-law Jim and Kitty Waldrip, and their baby daughter, Fonda.
In lieu of flowers, please consider memorial contributions to Klamath Humane Society, Inc., P.O. Box 482, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. 
Waldrip, Sherman "Sherm" Taylor (I123493)
7592 «b»The Western New-Yorker
Volume 60 Warsaw, Wyoming County, N.Y.
4 October, 1900 number 40.
County Court - Wyoming County
William H. Curry and Lizzie J. Curry against George M. Naber and Edward «i»M. «/i»Jennings,
as guardlan and lien for William Naber, Martin Naber, Bertha Naber, Eugene Naber, lrene
Naber and Edward Naber. By virtue of a judgment of foreclosure and sale entered In the Wyomlng County Clerk's office at Warsaw, N. Y.. on the 17 day of September, 1900 in the
above entitled action, I, the underslgned referee, du appointed such by the sald judgment will sell at public auction at the office of Bartlett. Bartlett & Evans, In the Village of«i» «/i»Warsaw, N. Y on the 2nd day of November 1900 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon thereof, the following described premises. All that track or parcel of land situate In the town of Warsaw, County of Wyoming and State of New York, bounded and described as follows VIX: Beginning at point in the center of Brad street (so called) at the north-west oorner of land deeded to
William F. Sullivan by Bradley N. Gallelt and wife thence north along tha center of sald street four rods thence east nine and one half rods thence south on a line parallel with the said Brad street four rods, thence west along the north line of land owned by said William
F. Sullivan, nine and one-half rods to the place of the beginning, containing thirty eight rods of land, the same more or less.

Also another parcei of land, being part of lot No. 45 in said town. and bounded as follows:
Beginning in the center of a new street, called Brad street. laid out in a northerly direct the farm of Bradley N. Galett add where the center of another street leading east from Brad atreet intersects the same; thence south along the center of Brad street 5 1/2 rods to the
north-west corner of land conveyed by Bradley N. Gallett to Elizabeth Naber; thence east along the north line of said Nabers land 9 1/2 rods to the center of the said street leading east from Brad street, thence west 9 1/2 rods to the place of beginning containing more or less. Dated Sept. 19th, 1900
Willliam* Sanford
Bartlett, Bartlett, & Evans
Atty's, Warsaw, N. Y.«/b» 
Naber, George Martin (I13944)
7593 «b»This is: John J Yost II b Feb 24, 1881 and Mary Loos b Nov 4, 1881
«/b»Page 27 of 33
Yost, John J. M 38 1881/1882 (Y18) John Head Nebraska Harvard Twp. Russia Russia
Yost, Mary M 37 1882/1883 (Y18) John Wife Russia N ? Harvard Twp. Russia Russia
Yost, Edmond S 13 1906/1907 (Y18) John Son Nebraska Harvard Twp. Nebraska Russia
Yost, Herbert S 11 1908/1909 (Y18) John Son Nebraska Harvard Twp. Nebraska Russia
Yost, Laurence S 9 1910/1911 (Y18) John Son Nebraska Harvard Twp. Nebraska Russia
Yost, Paul S 6 1913/1914 (Y18) John Son Nebraska Harvard Twp. Nebraska Russia 
Yost, John J. (I124392)
7594 «b»Willie "Bill" Waldrip: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX) - April 19, 2011
Deceased Name: Willie "Bill" Waldrip
«/b»BOYD - Willie "Bill" Waldrip, 80, of Boyd for over a year and formerly of Irving, died Sunday, April 17, 2011, in Burleson.
Funeral: 11 a.m. Wednesday in Donnelly's Colonial Funeral Home Chapel. Burial: to follow in Oak Grove Memorial Gardens in Irving. Visitation: 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at Donnelly's Colonial Funeral Home.
Memorials: Contributions may be made to the American Heart Association, P.O. Box 15186, Austin, Texas 78761.
Born April 19, 1930, in Boyd, he was the son of Dee J. and Lillie Hanner Waldrip. Bill was employed by American Airlines as an aircraft engineer for 33 years. On July 15, 1994, in Irving, he married Honoree Harris. He played the guitar, sang and he loved to whittle.
He was preceded in death by his parents; sister, Donna Waldrip; nephew, Virgil Dee Waldrip; and brothers, Ernest and Raymond Waldrip.
Survivors: His wife, Honoree Waldrip of Irving; children, Bobbie Tate of Burleson, Ricky Waldrip of Keller, Dreama Johns of Watauga, Regina Anderson of Fort Worth; eight grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren; brother, Albert Waldrip and wife, Mary, of Fort Worth; sisters, Vessie Adams of Boyd, Velma Hammett and husband, Floyd, of Odessa; and numerous nieces, nephews and friends.
Donnelly's Colonial Funeral Home
Irving, 972-579-1313
View and sign guestbook at
Edition: Main
Page: A11,12,13
Copyright (c) 2011 Fort Worth Star-Telegram 
Waldrip, Willie Arthur (I104069)
7595 «b»Wills
Drury Hudgens«/b»: Cumberland County, Virginia, Will Book 2, pg. 257. Account of administration of Jonas Meador. By: Jehu Meador, admin. paid: to James Holloway for his account; to Richard James for his account; to James Holloway on account of Lewis Turner, orphan of Micajah Turner; to William Hill account, Drury Hudgens; paid Thomas Holand for his account; paid Samuel Holloway for account Jesse Boatright; William Saunderson for finishing the crop; James Minter for his account; John Creasy for his account; Richard Blands account; Caleb Hughes for Thomas Kevil for work done; Zach McGwin for account James Guilliam; Jesse Meador for his account; William Hughes for account Randolph Robinson; Holloway Hudgens for account Robert Hudgens; William Hix for Jonas Meador bond on Joel Meador; paid James Holloway on same account; Dal Boatright for his account; John Murry for bond of Jane Meador; paid William Edwards for his account: Hezekiah Bradley for account of John Burton; George Carrington for account of William Holland; Joseph Palmore for his account; Alex and Peterfield Trent and Co. for ... accounts; Daniel Bates for account; Richard Crump' Miller Burford; Thomas Sugt. Hill; paid Hannah Holloway for his account; James Minter for Sarah Meador, orphan of Jonas Meador; Thomas Kevil for board and clothing of Ann Meador; Jesse Thomas; Bond vs. Caleb Hughes, 1773; Bond vs. Thomas Hughes, 1773, «b»Micajah Compton«/b» and his wife; Thomas Kevil; due Lewis Turner, orphan of Micajah. In obedience to order of court account was dated 23 November 1778. Account examined and ordered recorded 18 October 1779. Jos. Carrington. Katherine Reynolds. «i»Abstracts of Cumberland County, Virginia Will Books 1 and 2, 1749-1782«/i». 
Compton, Micajah (I127308)
7596 «i»History of Marathon County Wisconsin and Representative Citizens «/i»(1913) written by Louis Marchetti, pages 880-881

JOSEPH BURGER, one of the best known residents of the town of Wausau, who has resided on his present well improved farm of 120 acres, situated five miles northeast of Wausau, for the past thirty-seven years, was born near Detroit, Mich., in 1851, and is the eldest son of Mathias and Anna (Wirtz) Burger.

Mathias Burger was born in Germany and from there came to the United States when aged twenty years, locating at Detroit, Mich., where he followed the shoemaking trade. On September 29, 1858 he moved to the town of Wien, Marathon county, Wis., and followed farming until 1898, when he removed to Marathon City, where he lived for four years, his death occurring there at the age of eighty-two years, his son George purchasing his farm. He was married to Anna Wirtz, who was also born in Germany and was twelve years old when she accompanied her parents to the United States, living first at Parkersburg, Va., and afterward coming to Detroit, Mich., where she was married. Her death took place in 1909, when she had reached her seventy-ninth year. She was the wise, careful and beloved mother of a family of eight children, namely: Joseph; Jacob, living in Marathon county; Mrs. John Kane; Mrs. Anna Hershfeld, living at La Crosse, Wis.; George, residing at Edgar; Mrs. D. P. King, living at Edgar; Peter, living at Chattanooga, Tenn., and Anton, living at Tomahawk, Wis.

Joseph Burger attended the district schools in his native section and afterward, for ten terms, taught school and made a very good record as a teacher. In 1875 he bought his farm, on which he moved in the spring of 1876, and has continued to live here. He has sixty acres of his land cleared, has made many improvements in the way of building, and carries on general farming and stock raising, displaying excellent judgment in his operations and consequently meeting with very satisfactory results.

Mr. Burger was married to Miss Paulina Mathie, a daughter of Joseph and Magdalen Mathie. Joseph Mathie came to New York from Wiirtemberg, Germany, and for nine years engaged there in cabinet-making. In 1861 he moved to Marathon county and lived on his farm in the town of Wausau until his death at the age of eighty-one years. He married Magdalena Heller, who died here when aged sixty-eight years and they had six children: Joseph, who died when aged thirty-seven years; Louise, who lives on the old home place; Charles, who died at the age of thirty-two years; Paulina, who is the wife of Mr. Burger; and two children who died in infancy. The following children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Burger: Hubert, formerly town clerk, married Selma Prahl, and they have had the following children: James; Laura, who married Walter Manecke; and Lawrence, Isabel and Esther. The entire family belongs to the Catholic church. In politics Mr. Burger is an independent voter but he is looked upon as so reliable a citizen that he has been kept continuously in public office ever since he became a resident of the town. 
Burger, Joseph (I96663)

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